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Around Ischia

Places to visit

Ischia Ponte
Take a stroll past historic buildings, churches, shops and eateries. The Piazzale Aragonese offers a stunning view with the Castle and the rocks of Sant’Anna in the background. Early in the morning, when the fishing boats come in, you can buy some excellent fresh fish.

The Aragonese Castle
This is the symbol of Ischia: a journey through twenty-five centuries of history, exploring churches, prisons, monasteries, gardens and views of the sky, land and sea.

Mount Epomeo
The highest peak on the island is easily accessible by following a 3-km path that winds its way up from Fontana. At the top you can visit the Hermitage and the small church of San Nicola as your eye wanders over the entire Bay of Naples. The view of the sunrise and sunset is truly spectacular from up here.

S. Angelo
Once a fishing village, now an internationally renowned tourist destination. Its layout is what makes it so special. On the one hand, the upper section with its alleyways, little houses and family-run hotels, on the other, the lower section, on the sea, with workshops and shops of all kinds. And this is all set off by the “piazzetta”, whose bars and restaurants stand out against the backdrop of the “Torre”, the little tuff island that dominates the harbour.

Lacco Ameno: Pithecusae Museum – Villa Arbusto –
Villa Arbusto, just a short distance from Lacco Ameno, houses the Pithecusae Archaeological Museum. A large garden leads the visitor to the Museum entrance. The eight rooms house finds from the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods, telling the story of the island of Ischia since its origins. Nestor’s Cup is of particular historical importance.

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